EOP News

Check back often for important EOP updates! We will be sharing information about how EOP is expanding school-based behavioral health resources in our most underserved New Mexico communities.

EOP Awards

Good news! We have received clearance to begin work on the EOP project again. Please be patient with us during this start-up period. The EOP Team will be responding to emails and working applications in the order received. Response times will be longer than usual as we work on the back log. Please note, although we have received clearance to begin working again, stipends are still on hold while we wait for budget authority from the state. We have not been given an expected time frame for this. Thank you for your patience.

Many of you who received an EOP award in 2023 may be wondering about tax paperwork. Participants who received $600 or more in EOP stipends in 2023 will get a 1099 form from the CREC. These were mailed January 31, 2024.