Project Activities

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About the Project

The goal of The Expanding Opportunities Project is to recruit and retain school-based mental health (SBMH) providers to serve the needs of students across the state, with a focus on rural and frontier communities that have a high percentage of at-risk and vulnerable student populations.


To address the goal of recruitment and retention of SBMH providers in identified NM schools, NMPED has identified the following five essential project activities:

  • Loan repayment/tuition reimbursement for SBMH providers in selected NM schools
  • Increased pay for SBMH providers in selected NM schools
  • Stipends for trainee SBMH providers in selected NM schools
  • Advanced licensure assistance for SBMH providers
  • Professional learning communities


As part of the collaboration between NMPED and participants, we will be designing regional professional learning communities to develop social connections and to discuss readings, current events, and other relevant topics. We will schedule these learning opportunities regularly and will provide materials as needed.